Develop, define and broadcast your employee value proposition - brand-new white paper from JGP

14th December 2018 | Sam Wilson

In today’s crowded and highly competitive recruitment market, your offer to candidates will be crucial to your success in attracting, and retaining, the top talent. When candidates have so much choice, do you know what might make you stand out from similar organisations?

Our most recent white paper came off the back of an in-depth JGP research project, in which over 1,500 job seekers contributed on exactly what they look for in a prospective employer. We also delved into what makes them feel valued and, perhaps more importantly, what makes them feel undervalued.

We uncovered some interesting insights, including:

• Work life balance proved to be the most important things candidates look for, outside of job title, salary and locations, with 74% of respondents listing it amongst the most important things

• 67% of workers cited ‘Praise’ as the key factor in making them feel valued

• A lack of recognition came top of the list of things that made people feel undervalued, with 68% of candidates mentioning it

We discuss how crucial these factors are when it comes to developing your employee value proposition (EVP). A well-defined EVP will go a long way to securing your position as a candidate’s employer of choice. This is especially true when it is effectively broadcasted on the right platforms.

Our white paper will take you through each part of developing, defining and delivering your EVP. Download your own copy here.