Looking Ahead - Predictions for 2019

9th January 2019 | Sam Wilson

With the new year upon us, we thought it would be a good time to look at what the next 12 months might have in store! Predicting future recruitment trends is always tricky as no matter how much data, observations and hearsay we have at our disposal we operate in an extremely agile market that always has some surprises up its sleeve. This has never been truer than right now with Brexit looming as, however much people like to predict, none of us know what’s going to happen.

That being said, here are our predictions for 2019:


Whilst these two phrases have been part of the recruitment world for many years now, their true meaning and application have evolved significantly. This is set to continue in 2019 as the competition for top talent looks to become even fiercer and those looking to attract and recruit the best will need to be more strategic and effective than ever before.

Whilst intrinsically linked, the distinction between employer brand and employee value proposition is often overlooked – this can often lead to neither being as effective as they could be. In 2019, it will be those that take the time to develop and define their employee value proposition and carefully craft the employer brand in order to effectively broadcast it that will likely come out on top.

Find out more about the distinctions between the two and our top tips for success in our most recent white paper.


In 2019, we expect to see a growing trend in employers using their own people to strengthen their recruitment efforts.

This will include employers using their team in videos or podcasts to add authenticity to their employer brand. Building trust and familiarity with a prospective candidate has never been more crucial and giving your organisation a human face and voice is an incredibly effective way of doing this.

Your employees should also play a key role in developing your employee value proposition. We expect to see more and more employers seeking to unveil what their employees like and, perhaps more importantly, what they don’t like ‘about life at their organisation. This can then guide the messages and actions moving forward as they seek to place themselves as an employer of choice for their target audience.


Diversity is another term that is so often thrown around without the time or resource to think about what a genuinely diverse workforce can mean for an organisation. However, 2019 could well be the year that true diversity is embraced on a wide scale.

True diversity goes beyond simply looking to appoint more female or BME candidates. A genuinely diverse workplace is one that reflects its community in terms of not only ethnic and gender mix but also age, background, education, disability and sexual orientation.

There are genuine business advantages to this as diverse and inclusive workplaces have been proven to be more productive, creative and profitable.

We expect to see a wide-scale focus on diversity and employers to invest significant time and resources in addressing the factors that are preventing them from attracting a diverse candidate pool. This includes employer brand, candidate filtering methods and benefits to ensure that all are as free from bias and inclusive as possible.


There is a growing feeling that the traditional job description is becoming outdated, especially in certain sectors and circumstances. This is not to say that job descriptions do not still hold value, especially when recruiting to more junior roles where candidates might be less aware of what the position entails or requires. However, there is a school of thought that in certain positions that simply outlining the purpose, goals and objectives and giving the individual the freedom to achieve them in their own way is a better approach.

Giving employees this level of trust and ownership in their roles has been proven to boost productivity and can often lead to new, more effective approaches to work. It is, however, only effective in situations where people welcome and thrive on this level of autonomy – something that can be tricky to judge.

2019 could well be the year that this concept grows in popularity as, speaking to a number of our clients, many employers look to embrace new, innovative ways of working.

So, 2019 is set to be a big one! Whilst uncertainty awaits, we believe that some exciting developments are also coming. We look forward to looking back in December and seeing which of our predictions were right.