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Case Study: Halton

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Case Study


How much is recruitment draining your team’s valuable time?

Overly-complicated and clunky recruitment processes don’t just impact your prospective candidates - often the biggest consequence is the unnecessary time wasted when processing this data.

This was the case for Halton Borough Council, who recognised that significant time was being spent on manual processes and separate systems. This included a downloadable Word document as an application form which were emailed in for review. On top of this, clerical tasks such as scheduling interviews and carrying out background checks were taking forever.

Obtaining data from their various systems was not always straightforward, making it extremely difficult to monitor performance of their processes, identify where value had been added or otherwise or demonstrate return on investment. At a time where it was becoming clear how important this data was, this became increasingly frustrating.

It was clear that something had to change


Driven by these ongoing issues, Halton Borough Council came to JGP to see if we could provide a solution. After an initial demonstration of our ATS, they knew they’d found it.

Halton went live with their ATS in November 2017 and quickly appreciated the benefits of the system. Their processes were centralised and streamlined, allowing the team to spend their time on what really matters. The system also enabled them to work more efficiently as a team.

The team at Halton also discovered that along with their ATS came the JGP Support team – always on the other end of the phone, an email or live chat.

The JGP ATS is specifically designed to help organisations like Halton Borough Council move away from unnecessarily complicated and overly-convoluted recruitment processes. It has allowed them to work more effectively, efficiently and collaboratively – saving them countless hours of precious time.

  • Online Application Form

    Fully client branded and easy to use online application form

  • Data Tracking

    Showing exactly where all applications had come from, informing budget allocation

  • Candidate Contact

    Allowing candidates to be contacted at the click of a button

  • Live Support

    Phone, email and live chat support from the JGP team

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Campaign testimonials

It was quickly apparent that many of our clerical functions would no longer be required, with most of the tasks being carried out more effectively and efficiently by the ATS. It would also help us address many of the problem areas such as late/missing applications.

Richard Rout Divisional Manager: Policy, People, Performance and Efficiency

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Applicant Tracking System

We want to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you to effectively manage your recruitment process. Our ATS has been designed to give you full control. We want to make it easier than ever for you to provide a first-class candidate experience in the most time and cost-effective ways possible.

Whether you need an annual licence or a temporary modularised system to support you in a single campaign – we’ve got the software to help you.

Applicant Tracking System

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