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Case Study: UK Export Finance

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ICT/PMO Campaign

UK Export Finance
Case Study


How do you attract skilled professionals to roles where they’ll be paid less than in the equivalent role in the private sector?

How do you boost your profile to stand out against other, better-known organisations in your sector?

These were the challenges faced by UK Export Finance.

With massive ambitions and the first stages of a significant growth agenda underway, UKEF now needed to overcome their biggest obstacle to date – filling a number of critical ICT and project management roles in order to enable the next phase of growth and transformation.

ICT roles, particularly the specialisms required in this instance, are notoriously hard to recruit to.

This is especially true for public sector and civil service organisations who are unable to offer the substantial salaries paid in the private sector.

Previous attempts to recruit had resulted in perpetually unfilled vacancies and the necessity to use expensive contractors in the interim.

Feeling that they had exhausted their options, UK Export Finance turned to Jobsgopublic.


For Jobsgopublic, every recruitment campaign has a different story to tell – so we always start with finding out what that story is. We got the key stakeholders and team members in a room to talk about the key aspects of the roles, the service and UKEF as a whole.

It was from this meeting that we established the key messages that would help us broadcast exactly who UKEF are and what they do. This would help to raise their profile and build a buzz that would make candidates excited about the prospect of working there.

We also wanted to get under the skin of what was on offer for prospective candidates in terms of the projects they would be involved in. Something we’ve learnt through our experience and extensive research is that exciting work, new challenges and interesting projects can often feature above salary in terms of what would draw a candidate

to new role. This would help us counteract the higher salaries on offer elsewhere and attract the best candidates to the variety of roles.

We set about designing and building a microsite that would truly showcase UKEF as an organisation, their vision and ambitions and the opportunities on offer. We opted for a site design centred around the variety of exporters that UK Export Finance supports – complete with an interactive map to illustrate the global nature of the business. The site design was purposefully bold in order to set UKEF apart from other central government organisations.

We took a long hard look at UKEF’s application process, deciding that it was overly long and complicated. We knew that it was crucial that candidates could get through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible, securing maximum numbers of applications. Recognising that UKEF had specific criteria for each role, whilst also needing to revamp their application process, we implemented the Jobsgopublic online application form.

This enabled specific application questions for each role, whilst also streamlining the process.

Finally, we launched a multi-platform attraction campaign – using messages and imagery consistent with the microsite. Using a combination of search engine and social media advertising, we ensured that UKEF adverts were reaching exactly the right people – promoting the roles as well as raising the profile of the organisation.

  • Google, Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising

    Targeted adverts driving traffic straight through to the career site

  • Career Site

    Brand-new site dedicated to the campaign built, providing key information for candidates

  • ATS

    Online application form and applications collected in one place

  • Copywriting

    All job adverts written with key messages that matter to candidates

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Due to the nature of the roles and the extent of the challenge at hand, expectations had been managed from the start. With 11 vacancies on offer, it was accepted that it was unlikely to fill all of them. The microsite received impressive levels of traffic throughout the campaign.

This resulted in an average of 10 completed applications per vacancy – 50% more than previous attempts


Vacancy Views


Apply Clicks


Applications Submitted



Combined with UKEF’s own advertising and candidate attraction, the campaign surpassed all expectations. Of the 11 vacancies, every single one was filled. The success of this campaign goes far beyond filling 11 vacancies. It has given UK Export Finance, a relatively unknown brand within its sector, a platform from which they can promote their impressive work and ambition.

Campaign testimonials

We knew that this was a challenging brief – any one of these roles would be difficult to fill by themselves, to do them in volume is a different prospect altogether. From the very first meeting, the team at JGP put us at ease. The team were keen to find out as much about us as an organisation as possible and understand exactly what we were looking for.

Shane Lynch, Director of Resources, UK Export Finance

We received a number of high-quality applications which we don’t think we would have received if we have used traditional attraction methods. We are excited to see what this partnership can achieve and we look forward to collaborating with JGP in the future.

Shane Lynch, Director of Resources, UK Export Finance

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